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In addition to offering the best value in the electronics recycling industry, ESCRAPX maintains a team of expert technicians that maximize the value recovered from the IT assets we receive. We believe that, whenever possible, recovery is the best environmental solution for electronic equipment that contains reusable components. The first step in our process is to test equipment to determine if it can be reused. If so, we make sure that any data containing components are sanitized and all information is removed. In this way, we can return profits to our customers while assuring them of the security of their proprietary information. They also receive certification that their equipment has been properly recycled and their data has been destroyed.

ESCRAPX provides numerous solutions and customized service programs depending on your needs and the age of the electronic equipment you wish to recover the value from.


  • Create an inventory list
    We will send an experienced technician to your location to make a preliminary inventory list if required.  We will make you an offer for the equipment.

  • Deinstallation
    Our associates are sent to your location(s) to deinstall and or dismantle your computer equipment, and data centers. Your items will be professionally stacked and wrapped to secure their value and your private data.
  • Secure Pickup and logistics
    We use a team of truck drivers to pick the freight up all over the country. When servicing companies in the Atlanta metro area, we use our ESCRAPX truck. We specialize in working with Fortune 1000 companies that have hundreds to thousands of locations.
  • Creation of a Serialized Inventory List
    We create a detailed serialized inventory list of equipment picked up. It will contain each item's brand, model, serial number, asset tag number(s), and more.
  • Processing and Testing
    We process, sort, and test your equipment at our warehouse in Tucker, GA. We test for functionality, repair equipment if needed, break down scrap equipment.  Everything is sorted for de-manufacturing or resale.
  • Secure Data Destruction and Sanitization
    We provide you with a certificate of data destruction with our guarantee that your data has been destroyed. The certificate of data destruction will include the serialized inventory list.
  • Remarketing of Equipment
    We remarket equipment to end-users and wholesalers worldwide.
  • De-manufacturing and Recycling of Scrap Materials
    We de-manufacture most scrap equipment at our facility in Tucker, GA.  Computers, printers, and monitors are broken down into their base components: steel, aluminum, plastic, circuit board, glass, and copper.  We work with a handful of downstream vendors to recycle the separated scrap materials.
  • Employee Buyback Programs or Donations to Charities
    You can offer equipment to your employees or have us prepare equipment for donation to a charity of your choice.
Tel: 770-493-6692
Toll-Free: 1-888-ESCRAPX
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Items that we accept:

  • CRT & LCD Monitors
  • Computers & Servers
  • Networking Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Laptops and PDAs
  • Cellphones and Phones
  • Printers and Copiers
  • Household Electronics and more
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*  Telecommunication Equipment is limited to handheld or desktop telecommunication equipment such as phones, fax machines, etc

** Other Includes: cables, connectors, jacks, splitter & cluster boxes, buffers, converters, bar code readers, optical drives, tape drives, hard/floppy drives, repeater, transceiver, power backup, surge protectors, voltage regulators, modems, calculators, computer racks, projectors, VCR players, DVD player, and cameras.

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