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October, 2012

October, 2012

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Mauris fermentum dictum dapbus



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Are you a non-profit organization and is wondering how you can raise funds for that new equipment or how to fund that trip? E-Scrapx has the solution. E-Scrapx has come up with an Electronic & Computer Recycling Fundraising Program that offers assistance to non-profit organizations the ability to raise funds by collecting working or non-working computers and electronic items. Call us today to discuss which fundraising program will best suite the needs of your non-profit organization.

E-Scrapx works with local non-profits like schools, youth sports teams, churches and others helping the community by setting them up with their own e-waste recycling fundraiser. A fundraiser in which no handling of e-waste is required because we'll pick it up directly from the donating organizations.

If you're part of an organization that could use some extra money, all you need to do is utilize your newsletters, website, social media and word of mouth to let people know that your group is doing an e-waste fundraiser. You direct them to escrapx and we pick the items up from their home or office FREE of charge. We then responsibly recycle the items here in Georgia and send the proceeds to you each and every month.