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October, 2012

October, 2012

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Mauris fermentum dictum dapbus



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Why put your companies vital information in unsecure hands. The destruction of private and confidential information is top priority to our clients and customers with E-Scrapx 100% DESTRUCTION guarantee, your business no matter the size can rest assured that its private data will be handled appropriatly. Company policies and governmental regulations require that computer information be handled in a secure manner. When a client's equipment enters our warehouse, the asset tags are removed, and all data, programs, and operating systems are destroyed upon equipment start up. If the machine fails to power up, the hard disk is removed formated according to DOD three pass standards and or physically destroyed.

E-Scrapx wipes data on various media types such as, thumb drives, blackberries, etc. To best meet your data destruction needs, you may select a method ranging from a one pass overwrite, to a DOD that meets specifications set by the U.S Department of Defense:

E-SDD - Simple one pass overwrite of entire hard drive on good working hard drive. In most scenarios, this method is sufficient for data protection, and leaves the hard drive in working condition for reuse.

EXIT1 - Magnetic Degauss destruction of magnetic domains, heads, and components on Non-working hard drives. This method completely destroys hard drive and depletes all value.

EXIT2 - Physical destruction of hard drive platters and electronics on non-working hard drives. This method completely destroys hard drive and depletes all value.

DOD1 - Triple pass U.S. Department of Defense Specification. This method is the most comprehensive of all the methods and leaves the drive in working condition to maximize value.

EXIT7 - An E-Scrapx specific destruction method the runs a Seven pass on each hard drive to ensure there is no recovery of data. The program is designed to surpass the initially DOD specifications with 4 extra passes.