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Equipment Management Solutions

Escrapx is a leading company providing quality IT equipment management services to businesses.

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Quality IT Equipment Management Help for Your Business

Our team is ready to offer you consulting & any necessary help with your company’s IT Equipment Management.

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Helping You Manage Your IT Equipment

Since its establishment, Escrapx provides IT management assistance to companies of any size all over the USA.

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Trusted Services

We employ a team of certified and highly experienced associates that provide cost-effective solutions.

15+ Years of Exceeding Expectations

We have been the best at what we do for over 15 years and we have the skill set to get any IT Management project job done the best way.

Reasonable Fees

We know how much our clients care about their money and so we don’t overcharge them and their companies with additional fees.

The Best Choice 2022

Reliable and Experienced IT Business Partner
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Our Services

Since our foundation, we have been a leading IT Equipment Management company, offering our clients environmentally conscious solutions and services that perfectly fit their way of business management.

IT Equipment Management

Handling your IT Equipment and providing you with inventory reports.

Reverse Logistics

We can help you avoid costly problems and identify profitable opportunities.

Data Security

We can help your business securely dispose of confidential company data.

Technology Recycling

We will set up a personalized electronics recycling system that’s easy for you.

IT Managed Services

Our Certified Technicians and experienced staff can handle all your IT service needs.

Other Services

Our team also provides a variety of other IT Management and Advisory services.

A Few Words About Our Company

Escrapx was founded in 2006 to introduce the new level of IT Managed Services & Advisory. We are still dedicated to the success of our clients, both individual and corporate.

We offer a value based personal service with all the expertise clients would expect from a much larger IT firm. Escrapx works with clients on all aspects of their business or personal portfolios. The business is methodical and diligent in meeting the immediate needs of clients and exercise foresight in planning for any future IT Equipment Management or other technical implications.

IT Equipment Management


IT Managed Services

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Company Statistics

At Escrapx, our aim is to provide top quality IT Equipment Management services to a greater number of individual and corporate customers than any other IT Management firm in the US. Our clients are with us because we understand how much they value data security and exceptional customer service.
Godwin Jaja
CEO & Founder of Escrapx

With the development of new IT Equipment Management solutions, our number of clients has increased significantly.



How We Work

Request Services

Our work for your company begins with an initial request for either pickup or drop-off services.

Receive Equipment

After that, we conduct several rounds of processing that categorizes and removes all identifying asset tags.

Sort Equipment

When all receiving operations are finished, our team sorts the equipment based on various company and industry requirements as well as contractual agreements.


When our team verifies all documentation and operations, we are ready to present the final report.

We will Exceed Your Expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Fee For Recycling?

No, there is no fee for equipment drop-off or pickup. Escrapx will recycle any eligible equipment at no cost with the exception of TVs, Copiers & CRT Monitors.

Do You Buy Scrap Metal, Aluminum Items, and Other Recyclables Like A Traditional Scrap Metal Yard?

No, Escrapx does NOT purchase scrap metal, aluminum cans, or other traditional scrap metal typically bought at metal yards.

Do You Accept Paper, Cardboard, Or Glass?

No, Escrapx does NOT accept paper, cardboard, or glass. Please contact your local county or city sanitation department for the proper disposal of these items.

How Should Equipment Be Packed For Pickup Or Shipping?

The best way to pack a large amount of IT equipment is with pallets. For the best possible security and stability we often recommend Gaylord/Bulk boxes that are typically 4’x4’x4’ and can sit directly on the pallet. We also recommend heavy shrink wrapping of pallets where necessary.

If your office or home only has a small amount of equipment (less than 100LBs) Escrapx will send you a UPS Ground Shipping label for your convenience.

Depending on the Items Escrapx can offer to help with shipping or freight costs.

Do You Pay For Pickup For Recycling?

No, some IT equipment takes a tremendous effort and numerous levels of processing to dispose of in an environmentally sound manner.

Are There Any Limits To The Amount Of Electronics Customers Can Ship Or Drop Off?

No, Escrapx is uniquely suited to be able to receive and process shipments of all quantities and complexities. You are free to drop off or Businesses can schedule for a pickup of all accepted items.